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Dare from hell | Dean (ft. Charlie)

Dean face palmed. It was a dare, right? He couldn’t chicken out, right? Charlie and him were the two craziest in the house. They got along well, but only as friends. People couldn’t accept that. It made Dean mad a little bit. He knew him and Jacob wouldn’t be friends if anything happened with him and Char. He didn’t like Char like that, but a dare was a dare, and that’s all it was, a dare.

Dean breathed deeply, preparing himself. How exactly was he going to do this in front of the entire house? Hell, all of America! He didn’t even understand what was so entertaining or the point of these dares. Charlie kissed Ivy, and it wasn’t a big deal. This shouldn’t be a big deal either, right? He couldn’t find any of the answers, but just gave up on trying to over analyzing the situation. All he had to do was peck Char and the anon would be happy.

He walked out of his room, holding an item behind his back. He decided the only way he couldn’t do this is if something dramatic happened. He walked slowly into the living room, seeing Char on her computer, obviously freaked out by the fact that the anon wanted Dean to kiss her. He walked up, getting on his knees next to Char on the couch. She looked over at him, a weird expression planted on her face, knowing what was going to happen. Except, she didn’t.

As Dean leaned in, he smiled, laughing in her face, as he took the balloon hammer from behind his back and hit her slightly over the head with it. “That’s as close to a kiss you are ever going to get!” He laughed, getting up and leaving, knowing he did the right thing.

Something smells fruity | Dean

Dean laughed at the words that filled his computer screen. Not only did he have to find Jacob later on tonight, and tell Ivy false information, but he figured he would do the easiest dare first. He actually had the right materials too. It was scary, and twisted, but genius. Char has to dress up like Scooby Doo tonight, and now, Dean has to wear his banana costume. He figured it wasn’t that embarrassing. His other dare was the embarrassing one. He shrugged, getting up, and going to his closet. He picked up the banana suit and laughed again, seeing how ridiculous it looked. He rolled his eyes, stripping from his attire and hopping into the banana suit. The hole in the suit fit his head circumference perfectly, but Dean felt violated. He looked down at his yellow self and sighed, picking up his ipod and searching in the peanut butter jelly time song on his youtube app. He found it, taking one last final breath that was his sanity, and played it, keeping it in his hand as he ran out of his room and down the hallway. 

At first he saw Char, then Ivy, then Luke. It was kind of funny how Dean just went along with it. He couldn’t really feel the embarrassment. He danced along to the music, strolling into the living room, jumping on the couch, whom Carson and Jasmine were sitting upon. He laughed, jumping off, and running to the kitchen. He jumped on the dinner table, doing the little “im sexy and I know it” dance to “Peanut butter jelly time” was hysterical. He finally finished when the song did, and he got down, huffing and puffing from the lack of oxygen running through his body. “Fuck this suit.” He said, weakly walking back to his room to change, “It’s hot as shit in here.” He said, walking into his room.